Welcome to the Counselling Service.

What do we offer?

We currently run a counselling service for people with mild-moderate depression, and mild anxiety. You must be over the age of 16 and registered with a GP in the borough of Enfield. 

Are we the right service for you?

If you are experiencing severe anxiety, unfortunately we are not the best help for you. Please see below for contact details of our lovely counterparts who help with severe anxiety.

There may be other situations too where our service is not suitable for your needs (options for help with these kinds of difficulties are given below). For example if you are:

  • Suffering from severe mental health difficulties such as a personality disorder or schizophrenia
  • Experiencing severe psychotic symptoms
  • Experiencing extreme anxiety
  • Suffering from an eating disorder, for example anorexia
  • Already receiving support from another service, for example under the care of Barnet, Enfield, and Haringey IAPT Service or a psychiatrist
  • Actively self-harming or suicidal
  • Concerned that you may harm someone else
  • Having problems with alcohol or drugs
  • Requiring urgent crisis support

If you have any of the problems bullet pointed above please seek help from your GP immediately or alternatively contact the Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment Team (CRHT) service on 020 8702 3800. They are based at Ivy House, Chase Farm Hospital, 127 The Ridgeway, Enfield, EN2 8JL.

If you would like help with acute anxiety, please email lets-talk-enfield@nhs.net or call 020 8342 3012 instead.

In emergencies, dialling 999 is of course always available to you.

Practicalities – if not any of the above list 

Our service is free; and we offer on average 8 sessions. When we first meet, we will ‘assess’ together the best kind of help for you. The counselling we offer is exploratory i.e. trying to make sense of your thoughts, feelings, and experiences. It is also non-directive – our counsellors will not tell you what to do.

All our Counselling takes place at our main location on Fore Street in Edmonton. 

Confidentiality and client agreement

Please take a look at our Confidentiality policy and client agreement. Counselling is an agreement that both you and your counsellor enter into. Regular commitment is required for the counselling to be helpful.

Step 3 IAPT counselling

This is technically how we describe ourselves. It may sound like a mouthful so let us explain: ‘IAPT’ stands for ‘Improving Access to Psychological Issues’ and is a government programme. It is a stepped care model: for example, ‘Step 3’ means that we help with ‘mild to moderate’ depression rather than ‘severe’, which would relate to Steps 4 or 5.

Why do people come for counselling?

Many people experience difficulties in their lives. These might include personal relationships, situations at work or problems at home. You may find it helpful to work with a Counsellor to find ways of understanding what you are experiencing. We offer psychological support for mild-moderate depression, mild anxiety, low self-esteem, mood changes, and loss (for example loss of job or relationship).

You may be struggling with a specific problem, or you may not have any idea what the problem is, but just have a sense that you are not feeling right. Coming to counselling may help you to gain better awareness and understanding into your current thoughts and feelings.

How can counselling help?

Counselling provides a time and space to talk about concerns you may be going through. Your Counsellor will work with you to understand your experiences and help you discover possible options and ways forward.

Thank you, the counselling helped me so much. I feel I am back in the world and doing life once more and enjoying it!

Counselling client


We have a wheelchair-accessible counselling room on the ground floor of the building. Other counselling rooms are on the first floor, up one flight of stairs. We will ask you at first contact if you have any needs to help you access the service.

Referral process, assuming we seem right for each other

Before accessing our service please take a look at our Confidentiality policy and client agreement.

There are 3 options;

  1. Use our online form. You will then be contacted by us to discuss an initial assessment.
  2. Have someone (e.g. a friend) assist and guide you through completing the above online form.
  3. If the above options are not possible call us to complete it over the phone on 0208 887 1495; or please use the contact section.

Please click here to complete your online referral

    Volunteer Trainee Application Pack

    Please note you must be in your second year of training AND your course (not you as an individual) must be BACP Accredited. We make no exceptions to this.

    Trainee Placement Application

    Trainee List of Requirements 

    Monitoring Form

    All completed applications to be sent to counselling@mind-in-enfield.org.uk.


    For further enquiries you can email: counselling@mind-in-enfield.org.uk

    Or call us on: 0208 887 1495.

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