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Our Psycho-social support and wellbeing service

We use a variety of social, cognitive, and physical activities as a means of encouraging social interaction, improving the thinking and behaviour of our clients who drop-in at our Fore Street Mind in Enfield Emotional Wellbeing Centre. 

Daily attendance in these activities prevents isolation, encourages peer interaction and self-management in a supportive and caring environment. 

You don’t need a referral to participate and courses are low cost or free

If you have mental health issues, feel isolated (or fear you might become isolated), OR if you’ve just been discharged from a mental health facility and need support to prevent you from returning, then you will find our psycho-social support and wellbeing service very helpful. 

I am very sad that the course has finished… I have had a great personal shift from doing the course and have a little more confidence and self-value. I am aware I have a way to go and hope there will be something suitable coming up at mind.

Psycho Social Support & Wellbeing Service client

When you drop-in for the first time, we’ll talk to you to find out if our service is what you need. If it is, we will explore the benefit you are looking to get from participating, and design a personalised programme for you to follow over an agreed period. If we’re not right, we will work to together to find one that is.

This project offers a series of different courses and regular activities / therapy sessions, aimed at those with or at risk of developing mental health problems.

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